Berlin – a city full of history, interesting people and lives, which has had to reinvent itself time and again and is now one of the most sought-after metropolises in the world. Those that live and work here enjoy a vast number of cultural and sporting leisure facilities and recreational activities in the city and its idyllic surrounding region. Berlin’s charm is infectious and alluring – both to visitors and new inhabitants of the city from New York, London, Rome and Moscow.

We, the employees of Q2-Berlin Immobilienvertriebs GmbH, have been following and supporting the change on the river Spree for many years. We are at home here, we know our way around. The steady upward trend in the property market is evidence of the vitality of the city and the fruitful development of long-hidden potential. This progress particularly applies to owner-occupied apartments in Berlin’s sought-after locations, which we devote ourselves to with professional passion and with great success.

The placement of residential and commercial buildings in Berlin is also one of our main activities.